Daily Brief: On the Content I Post at My Blog

Although my blog has always been vastly about astronomy, I have written other content on topics that interest me. Recently, I started daily “briefs,” short blog articles, which can be about anything. I will try to keep up the daily posts, if only to help increase my own writing discipline.

I plan to keep the briefs, and still my blog overall, as lighthearted as I can. If I ever throw in a really serious topic, I will think it through very carefully, as the article will not be a brief. There is a lot of grief, misery, and evil in the world. Billions of people means millions of tragedies daily. That’s a lot of negativity that humans were never intended to absorb and process regularly, yet do so continuously via global news, the Internet, and social media. We were meant to focus on our daily lives, mostly, our families and local communities, and not problems on the other side of the planet.

So for now, and probably always, I will avoid the really serious stuff. But I may one day explain why a battery-powered droid army is the least efficient means to conquer the galaxy.

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