Daily Brief: The ESPN Alert I Assumed Was Coming, Eventually

If you know anything about the recent retirees of the NFL, you certainly are aware that the “news” was bound to arrive soon, of rumors that maybe, perhaps, sorta, kinda Tom Brady un-retiring again. After all, the topic’s ability to generate buzz for social media, or even blogs, is too good not to happen, no matter how unlikely the prospect.

I was hardly surprised then when I saw the above ESPN alert on my phone the other day.

Will Brady play again? It’s of course a question purely of money. If a team is going to offer him $30 million to play this season, well, who wouldn’t?

The only deterrent is Father Time. Despite Tampa Bay’s embarrassing ’22 season and horrendous playoff ending, Brady still very much looked the part of an NFL quarterback. At some point though, it’s going to be obvious that age will have caught up to him. It will be difficult to watch, kind of like Roger Moore playing James Bond in the 1980s.

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