Welcome to the third edition of my website's newsletter.  Today we recap all posts after November's Lunar Eclipse, up to my first article of 2022.

In the Sky, January 2022

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, have at least this sky-viewing resolution for yourself in January - see Orion.  It's the premiere constellation this time of year.  Look for Orion in the Southeast after Dusk.  The hunter will travel westward throughout the night (as all constellations do), ending in the Southwest before Dawn.

And if you are outside on an early cold evening looking for Orion, you may also catch a glimpse of Jupiter in the Southwest.  With an unobstructed horizon, you might also find the dimmer Saturn.  Early risers should be able to locate Mars in the East before Dawn.  All three planets will be at their oppositions later this year, so more planetary fun to come.

See In the Sky for my upcoming astronomy trackers.

Recent Articles

A Meteor During the Eclipse

While observing and imaging the Lunar Eclipse, I spotted one of the brightest meteors streak above me that I have ever seen.  Here is my account of the experience.

The Orion Nebula via Smartphone, 2021

In another post-Eclipse follow-up article, I review my imaging of the famous nebula on that early morning.

Framing the Pleiades

The Pleiades is my favorite star cluster.  During the Lunar Eclipse it was in proximity to the Moon, and an easy target to photograph.

My Favorite Christmas Movie

The title says it all.  For a more lighthearted article during the Christmas season, I reveal my all-time favorite Christmas movie, as well as a few of the runner-ups.

Brainstorming over paper

From Projects to Operations: Successful Transitions for IT Projects

In my first project management-related article, I review my learnings and tips for how IT projects can be transitioned successfully to an operations team.

How I Set Up My Website & Blog - The Complete Outline

This article frames my future discussions on how I set up my website and self-hosted blog.  I will cover all the major areas of the setup, including my decision thinking and the various challenges encountered along the way.