Friday, February 3, 2023

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Data & Privacy

I take my own online privacy seriously, and I respect the privacy rights of all the visitors to my website.  In short, if you choose to register at my website, your email address and other login credentials (e.g. name, photo) will only be used for the direct purposes of interacting and engaging with my website, Paul Stephen’s Journal.  I will not share any visitor data with any third party.

Example uses (and benefits) of registration are for a sustained login when commenting on articles, my blog’s newsletter, and basic administration of your user account on my website.

My website is built on WordPress, and uses the Ultimate Member WordPress plugin’s forms for user registration and management.

Cookies are used only for keeping your online status at my website (e.g. login credentials, in standard WordPress fashion).

I reserve the right to remove users and comments from my website that I deem have an offensive intent (including sales spam) or are intended to falsely impersonate another person.

If you have questions on my Data & Privacy policy, reach out to me at blog @ paulstephenjournal dot com.


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