I take my own online privacy seriously, and I respect the privacy rights of all the visitors to my website.  In short, if you choose to sign up for any notifications on my website, your email address and/or login will only be used for the direct purposes of interacting and engaging with my website, Paul Stephen's Journal.  Examples are signing up for my newsletter emails as well as for commenting on my posted articles.  I will not share any visitor data with any third party.

Specifically, my website uses two open source engines, one for the blogging website itself and one for the comments system.

My website is self-hosted and uses Ghost as its platform.  With Ghost, you are able to "subscribe" to a website, and from there you are able to select whether you wish to receive the website's newsletter.  There are no passwords for Ghost, as "logins" are controlled by emailing visitors a verification link, which then uses cookies to store the visitor's status.

Unfortunately Ghost does not have a bulit-in comments system.  So I have self-hosted and integrated Commento into my Ghost build.  Commento has its own separate signup and login, if you wish to sign in to post comments to my articles.  Note that there is an "anonymous" option to post comments, but those will require my moderation approval.

Cookies are used only for keeping your online status at my website, and are not used by me or shared by me with any third parties.

I reserve the right to remove users and comments from my website that I deem have an offensive intent (including sales spam) or are intended to falsely impersonate another person.

If you have questions on my Data & Privacy policy, please contact me from the Contacts page.


  • 10/25/2021 - initial release