Friday, February 3, 2023

Paul Stephen's Journal

Astrophotography and More


Thanks for visiting my website!  I hope you will take a moment to read the information below, to get the most out of Paul Stephen’s Journal.

This is my own personal website and blog.  The vast majority of articles are related to my interest in astronomy.  I also publish articles related to my other interests, such as computers and technology.  And as a certified Project Management Professional, I post project management-related content.


You can search all content from the home page’s magnifying glass icon on the menu bar.

In the Sky

Please visit my In the Sky page for countdown timers to upcoming astronomical events, such as the next Full Moon, and the next oppositions of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Registering as a Subscriber

Visit my Register page to sign up for notifications and other functions related to my blog.

If you have any issues with signup, passwords, or general use of my blog, please leave a comment below.

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Thanks again for stopping by!

– Paul Stephen

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