Greetings and thanks for visiting my website!  I hope you will take a moment to read the information below, to get the most out of Paul Stephen's Journal.

This is my own personal website and blog.  As of 2021, the vast majority of articles are related to my interest in astronomy.  I hope though to publish articles related to my other interests.  And as a certified Project Management Professional, I also intend to post project management-related content.


You can search all content from the home page's search box at the top center.  A word of caution for keyboard and mouse users: you cannot "tab" from the search box to the search list; you have to click on the results list with your mouse to highlight and then navigate to those search results pages.

In the Sky

Please visit my In the Sky page for countdown timers to upcoming astronomical events, such as the next Full Moon, and the next oppositions of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.


There are two primary subscription methods at my website:

  1. Ghost's Subscribe button for newsletters
  2. Commento's login for comments on posts/articles

Ghost and Newsletters

My website is built on the Ghost web blogging platform.  It has its own "subscribe" system that is self-hosted on my website.  The primary purpose of this subscription is to receive newsletter pushes from me.  I send out regular newsletters to my subscribers, either weekly or bi-monthly, highlighting my recent posts and other pertinent information.

Ghost's subscribe does not have a password.  It leverages your email to send you a link to "login" to my website, the status of which is then stored in a browser cookie.

Commento and Comments

Ghost does not innately support comments.  I believe that comments are an important mechanism for me as a writer to interract with my readers.  I have integrated Commento, an open-source comments system, into my website.

To use Commento, you may post comments anonymously, but they will need to be directly approved by me (in the background as an admin).  Commento has its own login signup, with its own password.  I recommend this route for commenting on my website.  When you click the Commento Login button (near the bottom of every post), it may direct you to a separate page, but it is still a page hosted from my site.  From there you can change your password or set a profile picture.

Other Ways to Follow Paul Stephen's Journal

You can also follow my writings directly from LinkedIn.  I will post all articles to this platform.

Emails and Junk Folders

I can pretty much guarantee that emails you receive from my site (originating either from Ghost or Commento) will end up in your junk email folder.  If you perform any action on my site that generates an email notice, please check your junk folder for the email.  Your junk folder is also where my newsletters will likely end up as well (*insert joke here*).

If you enjoy the content from my website, I hope you will consider whitelisting my messages in your email system!


If you wish to contact me for any reason, please visit my Contact page.

Thanks again for stopping by!

- Paul Stephen